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(Almost) Every UniGlo Resource Ever!

Last updated: 13 August 2019

Resources from events (in chronological order)

1st Student Conference (US University Student Conference, June 2017)

2nd Student Conference (Global University Student Conference, June 2018)

Approaching the Application Season 2018 (August 2018)

  • Post-event Resource Package
    Compilation of the resources mentioned during event presentation (i.e. tools for brainstorming and crafting essays) and slide deck

UniGlo College Applications Webinar (November 2018)

Q&A-style webinar with all members of the exec team, covering topics including differentiating oneself, choosing/finalizing your list of schools, productivity and time management, essays, graduating from school in Thailand vs. abroad, and financial aid

  • Playback (timestamps in the description)

UniGlo x NEXSTEP Maximizing Summers Webinar (February 2019)

Topic-by-topic-style webinar with Kengo, Ja, and Am from the Exec Team and Jason and Jacky from NEXSTEP. Topics covered range from what Y12s should do in the summer before Y13 (academically, professionally, and university-wise), balancing having a vacation vs. using summer to get work done, pursuing professional opportunities while not being at home, and skills to learn/professional advances to make over summer.  

  • Playback (timestamps in the description)

3rd Student Conference (UniGlo Student Conference, June 2019)

Other content

globeChang(e) podcast

Our podcast on the transition to university—stories/reflections by graduates from Thai international schools, currently studying in the US, UK, Canada, and more; hosted by Michael Waitze Media, in collaboration with NEXSTEP. All episodes are available on globechangepodcast.com, and other platforms such as Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Self-published Content (blog posts by the Exec Team)

throughout 2018-2019 academic year, originally released through newsletters

  • Exec Team shares: A realistic look at our application timelines and things we wish we heard (December 2018)
    • Nandini (NIST ’18, Claremont McKenna ’22)
    • Ja (NIST ’18, UC Berkeley ’22)
    • Mimi (BPS ’17, Claremont McKenna ’21)
    • Kengo (NIST ’17, UPenn ’21)
    • Am (NIST ’18, Vassar ’22)
  • Exec Team shares: Receiving decisions—hearing back, dealing with rejection, and celebrating acceptances (March 2019)
  • Exec Team shares: Making the final decision
    • Am writes on how she ended up committing to Vassar, despite choosing between many other similar institutions
    • Mimi compiles a list of useful tips and strategies for narrowing down your choices

UniGlo Instagram
Check out our posts and Instagram stories for information on our past speakers and upcoming events! @_uniglo

Masterlist of resources from all past newsletters

Interview with Expat Life in Thailand – learn more about us!

Articles – help

  • How To Request A Letter of Recommendation by Sarah George from Peerlift
  • How To Fill Out The Activity Section on the Common App by Matthew Bilik from Peerlift
    “The Activities section is an often-overlooked component of the Common Application. Although you’re only given a few words per activity, it is one of the most important sections that truly channels your voice, and is the first thing colleges will read right after your nitty-gritty personal details. This five-minute article can help get you started on something you don’t want to leave to the last minute.”
  • Guide to Test-Optional Schools by Jenny Smith from Peerlift
    “”SAT” and “ACT” are among some of the most stress-inducing acronyms to high-schoolers. However, many schools, including Bowdoin, Pitzer, and now the University of Chicago, don’t actually require any standardized testing scores in their application. Give this short article a read to expand and be well-informed of your options.”
  • Visualization: the “secret” tool by Jason from NEXSTEP
    “We’re constantly told about the cruciality of having the ‘right mindset’, but what does it actually look like, and how does it really help us? Hear from Jason, the Associate Director of NEXTSTEP.”
  • Book Recommendations from NEXSTEP, listed in our January newsletter
  • It’s More than a Job – a really important and powerful article we recommend to any students who are receiving decisions. Written by Ben Jones, former Director of Communications for MIT Admissions.

Articles – college news


  • Peerlift – A non-profit that connects high school students of all backgrounds to a proven selection of exceptional opportunities for college (US-based)
  • Student.com blog
  • CollegeInfoGeek.com – Study tips and career advice for students/a resource built from the ground up to help you study effectively, earn better grades, and become more productive, even if you’re not a student!

Empower Yourself – resources, tools, apps, tips for productivity

  • myHomework app [Productivity]
    “Dini and Am, our resident list makers, swear by this digital student planner app (and it’s not just because of its beautiful interface). We truly love myHomework because it syncs across all of our devices, and prompts us to plan what work we need to do each day ahead of time, instead of just being a place to record due dates.”
  • Headspace app [Focus]
    “We know, we know…your counsellors won’t stop going on about mindfulness. But it doesn’t have to entail listening to a slightly creepy stranger narrate some BS—Headspace offers short, straightforward meditations that are not sleep-inducing. We strongly believe that developing good habits ahead of time makes all the difference when stressful times come around. Remember, it only takes five minutes a day—just five.”
  • Laser Cut Vin Diesel Ham and Cheese Sandwich video [Take a break]
    “It is exactly what it sounds like.”
  • Grammarly browser extension [Productivity]
    “Extremely powerful proof-reading and spelling- & grammar-checking tool. Also sends you weekly emails with a rundown of your most common mistakes and achievements! Can’t ask for much more.”
  • Be Focused app [Productivity, Focus]
    “Super easy-to-use, non-distracting timer that helps you manage your work sessions and get sh*t done. Based on the pomodoro method, which encourages you to set big goals, then break them up into small, achievable tasks, preventing burn-out in crucial times. Allows you to create timer lists and see where your accomplished sessions lie.”
  • Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Skittles video [Take a break]
    “[As of writing,] only 8 of these Gourmet Makes episodes exist. Binge sparingly.”
  • How a Nap Can Boost Your Productivity (If You Do It Right) video [Productivity/Focus]
  • Wordless Work Study Playlist [Productivity/Focus]
    “Exec member Am’s very own study playlist. Protip: if you’re in a pinch, movie or musical theatre soundtracks are always reliable and non-distracting (Studio Ghibli or The Lord of the Rings are great places to start!).”
  • Hatch app [Productivity/Focus]
    “Checking your phone too often while studying? Download Hatch (or, if you prefer trees over dinosaurs, the cult-classic Forest!).”
  • Would You Adopt a 14 Year Old Dog With Cancer? video [Take a break]
  • How to Make Yourself Study When You Have ZERO Motivation video [Productivity]
  • Study With Me – A 45-Minute Focused Study Session video [Productivity/Focus]
    “Don’t have a study buddy, or find yourself getting too distracted when studying with friends? No problem. Put this video on and study with Thomas Frank of College Info Geek. (25-minute (pomodoro session) and 60-minute versions also exist!).”
  • SelfControl app [Productivity/Focus]
    “A  free app that allows you to block yourself from distracting websites based on a timer you set. Does an excellent job of helping you stay off YouTube (or whatnot) and on task!”
  • Habitica game [Productivity/Focus]
    “If you’re struggling to integrate new habits or new years resolutions, check out Habitica. It’s a well-designed role-playing game that motivates you to accomplish your goals through party quests and effective incentivization. It’s awesomely productivity-inducing, and a whole load of fun.”
  • Google Tasks [Productivity/Focus]
    “Last year, Google finally gave their Tasks platform a revamp. You can use it as a window that docks beside your mail on your Gmail interface, integrated into your Calendar, a Chrome extension, and/or an app on your mobile device. It’s a great way to centralize your tasks system with your other Google platforms if that’d work for you!”
  • Swing short film [Take a break]
    Kevin Plachy, filmer and editor for YouTube’s The Valleyfolk, is a pretty talented individual. Check out his fantastic and beautiful self-made short for two minutes of relaxation and pure joy.”
  • Airtable [Productivity/Focus]
    “A cloud collaboration service where spreadsheet meets database (think if Google Sheets and Trello had a really beautiful baby). Worth checking out for all your organizational needs!”
  • noises.online website [Productivity/Focus]
    “Extremely customizable ambient noises and relaxing sounds to boost your productivity, increase your focus, and quiet your mind. So many possible combinations…it’s incredible.”
  • Visualizing Drum Styles with Bouncing Balls video [Take a break]
    “A fantastically satisfying 2-minute video by DoodleChaos. You’re welcome.”
  • Notion [Productivity/Focus]
    “[Notion is] an all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, write-ups, ideas, and more.
  • I’ve just started using it this month and it has simplified my life management systems a ton. It’s efficient (the keyboard shortcuts are awesome), has a beautiful, minimal interface, and syncs across all your devices (there are desktop and mobile versions of the app!). I’ve found it to be especially awesome for putting my lists in one place.”
  • Brad Makes Focaccia Bread with Samin Nosrat | It’s Alive video [Take a break]
    “Take a break with Brad from Bon Appetit’s It’s Alive. In this episode, learn how to make focaccia (or at least learn about how divinely doughy focaccia looks before it’s baked!). As the video proves (no pun intended), remember: you can never have too much olive oil.”
  • Google Keep [Productivity/Focus]
    “[Google Keep is] Google’s note-taking platform. We mentioned it in our August event, Approaching the Application Season, but it’s worth a proper plug in the newsletter. Its cross-platform syncing and speedy, straight-forward interface makes it the ideal place to dump and organize thoughts—it’s an absolute essential for me, and I’ve been using it for over three years, non-stop.”
  • I Love Hue app [Take a break]
    “One of my favourite time-wasting apps. 🙂 Rearrange scrambled colour tiles into their correct grid-gradient order. It’s very pleasing to the eyes, and genuinely a really nice, low-commitment way to take a break and do something mindless.”

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