UniGlo Virtual Resource Compilation

Here are our top picks of links and tools to help you navigate this period of self-isolation/quarantine/lockdown. Take care!


Quarantine Games List: A sort-able spreadsheet of virtual games, both individual and group, that you can play during quarantine!

Options for Online Board Games: Another fantastic compilation of online board games. (source: Zoom Memes for Self-Quarantines Facebook Group)

How to Host a Murder-Mystery Zoom Party!: Exactly what the title says. Super comprehensive guide. (source: Zoom Memes for Self-Quarantines Facebook Group)

Watch2Gether: Basically Netflix party for YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, and a few other platforms so you can watch/listen in sync with friends (includes a chat and video feature too!)

together. and The Sudden Obliteration of Expectation: the Green brothers offer some hope and solace from back when all of this took off.

Learning and Studying

Real-time study-with-me streams (1 session | 3.5 hours | 7 hours): Put one of these on to have a virtual study buddy (who happens to be a productivity YouTuber!). Modelled after the Pomodoro method

’Wordless Work’ study playlist: top focus-inducing instrumental tracks compiled by your very own Director of Internal Affairs.

How to Work From Home (playlist): Fantastic videos offering tips on how to work (or study) from home by our favourite procrastination-conqueror, Thomas Frank.

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