C asean @ ThaiBev Quarter

Wednesday, August 14th: 5-7 PM

A no-BS session about university applications; what to expect and how to deal with it


  • 16:30 – 17:00 | Check-in
  • 17:00 – 17:30 | Presentation by Suyash and Koko (BPS ’19)
  • 17:30 – 17:40 | Facilitators Introduction
  • 17:40 – 18:05 | Breakout #1 (Majors and Universities)
  • 18:10 – 18:35 | Breakout #2 (Timelining)
  • 18:35 – 18:50 | Closing
  • 18:50 – 19:00 | Breakout #3 (Unmoderated Q&A)

Event Details

We will be:

  • Running a presentation and short panel, discussing how we, as recent graduates and admits to selective US and UK universities, approached our college application processes. Key areas: personal stories, brainstorming techniques, strategies for essay
  • Holding a live brainstorming session to help you generate and/or further your ideas
Breakout Sessions:
  • [For students only] Personally discussing (in small groups of 10-15) further aspects of the essay writing process, practical management strategies for junior and senior year (standardized testing, nitty-gritties of the application process), and the importance of making sure your academic year is still an enjoyable one!
    *In these break-out sessions, you can choose which facilitators you want to chat with based on their university, application experience, major, and personal interests.
  • [For parents only] Hosting a Q&A panel for parents, to provide a student perspective into parent-specific questions and concerns regarding the application process. 

Breakout Sessions

Breakout 1: Majors and Universities
Hear about college application stories from today’s facilitators, including changes in their college lists, major interests, high school involvement, plans, and general thoughts about applications! They will discuss their respective curriculums and classroom dynamics, including advantages and disadvantages of the learning styles of various colleges and how to reflect these in your applications. In addition, they will talk through the process of narrowing down college lists (and the factors used to do so) as well as cover their personal challenges and reflections.

Breakout 2: Time-lining
[Broken down based on high-school juniors and seniors] Seniors will be focusing on applications, including aspects like essay-writing (content and strategies), organization and stress, letters or recommendation (LoRs), and last-minute standardized testing. Juniors will discuss summer experiences, importance of LoRs, standardized testing, and developing passions/beginning to think about essays. 

Breakout 3: Unstructured Q&A
If there was a facilitator you didn’t get a chance to speak to during Breakout 1 or 2, now’s your time! Or, if there’s someone you want to keep chatting to/asking questions, you can continue those conversations now.

Our Featured Speakers


Suyash Kothari | BPS ’19, Brown University ’23
Application Experience: US & UK Universities

Koko Lotharukpong | BPS ’19, Oxford University ’22
Application Experience: UK & US Universities, Oxbridge


Armie Masathienvong | NIST ’18, RISD ’22
Application Experience: US Colleges (Arts & Design)

  • Applied to varying sizes and scales of art/design schools
  • Loves photography
  • Was a varsity swimmer for NIST

Charisse Tan | BPS ’19, UCLA ’23
Application Experience: US Universities

  • Experience with it all! The CommonApp, UC Apps, UCAS…
  • Interests range from International Relations to Psychology
  • A gymnast

Dhruv Agarwal | NIST ’18, UBC ’22
Application Experience: Canada, Netherlands, US, UK Universities

  • Played Varsity rugby in high-school
  • Interested in the world of Business and money
  • Involved in Greek life on campus

Lucy Morgan | STA ’19, UBC  ’23
Application Experience: Canadian Universities

  • Passionate about CS, Psychology, and Foreign Languages
  • Only applied to Canada
  • Hoping to join an art club on campus

Nae Nae Yongphiphatwong | SHB ’19, Pending
Application Experience: UK & US Universities, Oxbridge

  • A heavy STEM background led to the engineering choice!
  • Balances studies with sports and plays Volleyball
  • Applied to universities in both the U.S. and U.K.

Naomi Bashari | STA ’19, LSE ’22
Application Experience: UK Universities

  • Going to study International Relations, Statistics, and PolySci
  • Enjoys baking and drawing outside of academics
  • Thorough understanding of the UK application process

Raima Chakrabarti | SHB ’18, Bowdoin ’22
Application Experience: US Liberal Arts Colleges

  • A knowledge base of U.S. liberal arts college
  • Hosts a radio show
  • Exploring the humanities and social sciences at Bowdoin

Sahiba Singhsacha | STA ’19, Rotterdam ’23
Application Experience: Netherlands, UK Universities

  • Interests spread across Business, Psychology, and Literature
  • Can compare UK and Netherlands application processes
  • Involved with quite a few sports teams throughout school

Shreyans Sethi | NIST ’18, UC Berkeley ’22
Application Experience: US Universities & Liberal Arts Colleges

  • Academic passion for STEM and extracurricular passion for… everything else!
  • Contemplating a CS and/or Physics major
  • Born and raised in Bangkok but still confuses Thai directions

Yuqing Wu | BPS ’19, Pending
Application Experience: US & UK Universities

  • A passion for Maths and Physics
  • Involved in environmental projects at Bangkok Patana including a solar panel fundraiser
  • Plays violin

Location & Parking

Street Address:
62 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Khlong Toei

Parking Information:
Parking is available on-site at the office building, just mention that you are here for the event at C asean.

Queen Sirikit Convention Centre Station Exit 2