UniGlo Student Conference 2019

UniGlo is back this June with its annual flagship event, the Student Conference 2019 featuring US & UK University perspectives.

The UniGlo Student Conference is a student-run event showcasing Bangkok’s recent admits to a diverse range of amazing US and UK universities. 

Founded in 2017 as the first event of its kind to be held in Bangkok, the 3rd annual conference will feature stories about university application process, with speakers sharing unique insights from the student perspective. 

The UniGlo Student Conference strives to inform students and parents of the realities of the application process, dispel misinformation and stereotypes, and provide a better idea of what’s to come during the final years of high school.

Event Details

You will hear about

  • The struggles faced throughout their application process
  • Choosing a university, major, or area of study
  • Key experiences, such as clubs or internships
  • Balancing academics with extracurriculars and applications
  • An open Q&A session with the event speakers and UniGlo team members
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Featured Speakers

Here is this year’s amazing and diverse list of featured speakers!

Suyash Kothari (BPS)
Brown University ’23

Linya Thng (ASIS)
Imperial College London ‘22

Kusuma Gosala (NIST)
UC Berkeley ’23

Arnav Narula (STA)
University of Bath ‘22

Guy Thampakkul (ISB)
Brown University ‘23

Athena Intanate (BPS)
Haverford College ‘23

Pino Cholsaipant (SHB)
Stanford University ’23

May-May Wattanawanitchakorn (SHB)
University of Cambridge ’22

Allan Rubio (ICS)
Dartmouth College ‘23


The event will start from 5pm, and end at 7pm.

Location & Parking

Street Address:

Rembrant Hotel & Suites
Ballroom, 2nd floor
19 Sukhumvit Soi 18,
Sukhumvit Road,
Bangkok 10110, Thailand.