Our Events

Approaching the Application Season (2018)

In line with helping students achieve their full potential, UniGlo hosted Approaching the Application Season to help Bangkok’s rising seniors prepare for the upcoming fall application season. The event prepared students for obtaining letters of recommendation, good essay-writing techniques, and more through small-group mentorship with volunteer college student facilitators. These facilitators and speakers came from varied backgrounds ranging from engineering at a large public institution to social sciences at an elite liberal arts college, allowing students to talk to those who best represented their interests. Approaching the Application Season draws upon the stories of successful applicants to inform the next generation of students, who will soon start their own application  process.

Featured Speakers: 

  • Sila Puhl, Columbia University – Political Science and Statistics
  • Nirvan Sinha, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – Mechanical Engineering
  • Pimmy Soongswang, University of Cambridge – Land Economy
  • Sodai Lotharukpong, Imperial College London – Biological Sciences
  • Miku Suga, Brown University – Physics
  • Feng Du, Parsons School of Design – Fine Arts
  • Jessie Mahadumrongkul, University of California, Berkeley – Public Health and Philosophy
  • Mimi Thompson, Claremont McKenna College – Literature and Psychology

Global University Student Conference 2018

The Global University Student Conference is a student-run event showcasing Bangkok’s recent admits to highly selective US and UK universities. Featuring speakers from all across Bangkok, the conference provides the diverse perspective of different institution styles around the globe including small liberal arts colleges, large US private and public institutions, and well-known UK research universities. The UniGlo Student Conference celebrates the accomplishments of the next generation of leaders from Bangkok, while also sharing unique insights into the application processes from a student perspective. At this event, you can personally interact with successful students from a variety of international schools to examine their case studies while gaining their perspective and advice on the application processes.

Our Featured Speakers:

  • Alessando Pruegel from NIST, Oxford University
  • Sense Sunyabhisithkul from SHB, Cambridge University
  • Miku Suga from SHB, Brown University
  • Kazuki Mogi from ISB, Stanford University
  • Jessie Mahadumrongkul from BPS, University of California, Berkeley
  • Nat Nichanun Puapattanakajorn from ASIS, University of Pennsylvania
  • Cedric Lapine from ISB, University of Michigan
  • Thalia Sirathanapornpat from KIS, Amherst College
  • Nandini Mittal from NIST, Claremont McKenna College

Read more about some of our speakers and the event in our featured article on Expat Life in Thailand: “How To Walk The Road Less Traveled”.


US University Student Conference 2017

Even as the pilot event for UniGlo, the US University Student Conference saw an amazing turnout of over 250 attendees and 350+ RSVPs! We received some amazing feedback from students and parents alike, and our success in running this event has led to the establishment of the UniGlo Student Conference as an annual event.

Our Featured Speakers:

  • Sila Puhl from NIST, Columbia University
  • Vaibhaw Ladha from NIST, University of Pennsylvania
  • Carlos Romero Jantacomma from SHB, Yale University 
  • Alessia Amaolo from ISB, California Institute of Technology
  • Amp Burapachaisri from RIS, Cornell University
  • Ken Lohatepanont from KIS, University of California Berkeley
  • Emmy Khawsam-ang from ISB, Northwestern University
  • Jessie Kanacharoen from NIST, Johns Hopkins University
  • Varisa Limpijankit from ISB, Tufts University
  • Madison Frye from BPS, Brown University

Read more about the conference in our featured articles on the Bangkok Post!

Future Events

UniGlo is planning more awesome events in the near future! From essay brainstorm workshops to informative Q&A panels with Bangkok’s alumni, follow us on Facebook to stay tuned for our next event!

Future event ideas include….

  • UK/US Essay brainstorm and planning strategies workshop (Summer 2018)
  • Visa Application Information Session for International Students (Summer 2019)
  • UniGlo Student Conference 2019 (Summer 2019)

In line with our “for students, by students” philosophy, we’d love to hear from you!
If you have any ideas or suggestions for future UniGlo events, let us know at [email protected]!