UniGlo’s Application Season Resources 2019

This post contains links, files, and other useful items for your university application journey. These resources have been derived from past ‘UniGlo Presents: Approaching the Application Season’ events. Bookmark this page so you can re-access them anytime!

Approaching the Application Season 2019

Slide Deck (presented by Suyash and Koko)
Livestream (presentation portion only – we only caught the second half, apologies!) 

Approaching the Application Season 2018

Slide Deck (presented by Dini and Am)
Livestream (presentation portion only)


Start somewhere!
Online Guides and Videos

UCAS Personal Statement

Fantastic resources by UCAS
Pages on the Personal Statement by individual universities

…and many more! Search for equivalent pages for your universities of interest!
Even the British Council has a page on the Personal Statement!

More guides & sample essays

US Common App Essays + Supplements

From the Common App overlords
Sample essays/essays that worked, published by individual universities

Again, there are plenty more online—do a search on the website of the universities you’re interested in (or any university); they’re bound to have some examples!

r/applyingtocollege Masterposts

For more general resources, also check out our UniGlo Resources Masterpost!

UniGlo Resources Masterpost

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