Who We Are

Mission Statement

UniGlo aims to motivate, connect, and empower students in their university application journey.


  • Provide an honest student perspective on the university application process
  • Connect current highschool students with recent graduates
  • Be an accessible resource for students of all backgrounds and interests


UniGlo is a student-run organization based in Bangkok, Thailand. We created the US University Student Conference 2017 to connect the next generation of college applicants with invaluable insight from recent college admits. A year later, we hosted the Global University Student Conference 2018 with admits to universities all over the world. Now, we’re continuously looking for new ways to empower Bangkok’s students with the knowledge they need to succeed in their college application journey.

Our Team

Kengo Shigeta

Kengo is a current student at the University of Pennsylvania studying Economics and Consumer Psychology. Having done many education-related activities during his time at NIST International School, Kengo’s primary passion lies in education, student empowerment, and pedagogy, and founded UniGlo to help guide Bangkok’s students through the struggles he faced when applying to universities.

Ja (Thanakul) Wattanawong

Ja is fascinated by all things computer-related, and how they can be used to improve our lives. He hopes to use his own experience with college applications and technology to make UniGlo an indispensable resource for future college applicants. Ja is currently studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley.

Nandini Mittal

From student council to social enterprise, Dini was heavily involved in leadership and community-building activities in high school. She plans to continue this through new initiatives and experiences as a member of the Class of 2022 at Claremont McKenna College, studying Economics, Sociology, and Leadership. As a member of UniGlo since its founding, Dini hopes to continue expanding the network to create an accessible platform for high school students and college admits alike.

Am (Rairat) Chunnananda

An avid learner and ice-cream enthusiast, Am is currently a student of Philosophy and Sustainability at Vassar College. Since late elementary school, Am has nurtured her love for service by contributing to numerous projects, leading her to discover how much she enjoys tinkering behind the scenes. At UniGlo, Am strives to continue to connect with and be inspired by students, encouraging them to pave a meaningful future by putting their passions first. 

Mimi Thompson

By dual-majoring in Literature and Psychology, Mimi is truly embracing the spirit of a liberal arts college. Also, as a half Thai-half English graduate of Bangkok Patana School, Mimi’s international background also gives her a unique perspective on feminism, equal choice, and universal access to education. While she enjoys dorm life and getting involved with some sports on campus, her itch to explore often takes her to Los Angeles every couple weekends. She loves bullet journalling, eating Krispy Kreme donuts, and dressing up with (lots of) glitter!

Suyash Kothari

Suyash Kothari is a high school senior at Bangkok Patana School. As an active member of his school community, Suyash gives workshops to parents and teachers on gender stereotyping and, through his role of senior delegate, promotes student welfare. Though his main academic interests are in the sciences, he enjoys music, board games and multicolored socks, and hopes to expand his horizons at Brown University.

Taisei Inoue

With his numerous social and academic interests, Taisei has been actively engaged in improving his environment, whether at school or privately. Making the most out of his high school experience, Taisei has been leading the student council as president, represented his school as an ambassador in New York, acted as the school’s music ambassador, and much more. As a senior at St. Andrews International School Bangkok, he plans to pursue International Relations and Political Science, with a minor in Performing Arts in Music at the University of Toronto.


We mainly host events to help students like you learn about the college application process from others who have successfully gone through it before. Our events help connect you to people with similar interests who may already be in college, hopefully helping you to improve your application as much as possible.

First, follow us on our Facebook page. If we’re looking for volunteers for our events, we’ll be reaching out there.

We’re also looking for ambassadors who are currently attending college. If you’re interested in sharing experience and information about your college with high-school applicants, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

We get this question a lot! It stands for student empowerment.

*UniGlo was short for the Global University Student Conference we held in 2018, and we grew quite fond of the name.

Follow us on Facebook (@uniglo18)! We’ll also be posting on our event page and sending updates regularly through our mailing list, which you can join here

We’re more than happy to chat with students or parents about any queries they may have regarding our events and/or personal experiences (Contact Us). We’re committed to being accessible to students no matter their interests or background.

If you want to get in touch with a speaker/presenter from a specific event, please email [email protected] with any questions you may have.

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