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Receiving Acceptances from Colleges

Before decisions were released, I felt so anxious. I applied early decision, so the results determined everything: if I would need to apply to more colleges, brainstorm more essays, do more research… you get the picture. But, knowing this told me that instead of waiting around for the letter, I had to make a plan. So, I didn’t let my stress get in the way of writing my EE, nor did it stop the constant IB grind! Yes, it’s hard to continue with normal life when uncertainty pervades, but for me, keeping my head up and planning forward worked. Halfway through this waiting period, I heard back from an EA college which only amplified my need to continue to work: I knew I was going to college somewhere (woohoo!) but the important IB end-goal still had to be met.

On December 15th (I won’t forget this date!) I opened up my ED admissions letter at school… my heart beating, my friends jumped out to celebrate when they saw the smile. Applying early was the best decision for me because I could focus on school work and my extracurriculars knowing that they were going towards something. That being said, it’s not for everyone, especially when you don’t know which college is your favorite or can’t make a binding decision so early in your school career. Make sure you know which is the best route for you, where your priorities – whether they be school, college, whatever related – are met. It’s easy for me to say “relax… things will work out,” but I know how mad that made me in high-school! So instead, “work hard and make your choices carefully – whatever your priorities may be, divert your college journey to fit them best!” Good luck!

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