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Receiving Acceptances from Colleges

With the wisdom of hindsight, I wish I could’ve told my past self how little it matters now. How I loved where I ended up and what I’m studying. Instead I spent those few sleepless weeks refreshing Twitter and Reddit for the slightest hint of an admissions announcement. My past self probably wouldn’t have believed me anyway. He spent a lot of his time stressing over minute differences in colleges, computing acceptance rates and agonizing over useless statistics. Maybe that’s just how I am.

So I probably would have liked to hear a little bit of validation instead. I put a lot of work into my applications, and I’m sure you did too. Sometimes that’s just all we need — to hear that we did our best and that no matter what, that kind of attitude will take us far.  It’s the person that you are now after applying to colleges that will now be attending them, and trust me, college doesn’t get any easier!

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