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Receiving Acceptances from Colleges

I remember the transition between the stress-free phase between application deadlines in January and all the nerves that came with decisions in March. I won’t try and sugar coat just how scary/nerve-wracking/worrying/frustrating (take your pick) this time last year was, but I will say that you will get over this period feeling like it was all worth it. I was fortunate enough to have incredibly supportive friends, family, and faculty in school, but the single, most important thing I was told repeatedly was that “whatever happens all be for the best”. I know that sounds cliche and, quite frankly, is not what you want to hear when you’ve got your dream schools decisions coming in within days, but trust us when we say that things have a way for working themselves out. I also remember being given numerous tips to calm myself down when the butterflies in my stomach were fluttering too hard or the nerves were reaching all-time highs; none of which I listened to, but I hope you will:


1) Remember the time and effort you put into every single one of these applications: believe in your hard work. 2) Just as you as looking for schools that will allow you to thrive, these schools are looking for students that are going to add to their culture and environment: it’s a two-way street in a way. 3) It may feel one particular decision is an evaluation of your entire high school career (you’ll be thinking things like “am I good enough?” “do I deserve this?”), but remember that application pools are growing at a rate never seen before and being accepted or denied from one school should not alter your willingness to make the most of your time at a different one. I went through the entire college application process with the mentality that everywhere I applied, whether it was my top choice or my last choice, was somewhere I felt a connection to the community and somewhere I knew I would want to spend my next few years.

I write this having just seen my “1 year ago, today” memory of my acceptance letter pop up on Snapchat, and I can definitely reiterate that it was all worth it in the end.
We believe in you and are always here for you to reach out with anything! Good luck 🙂

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